20 YEARS OF METROPLEX: 1985-2005 (2CD)
20 YEARS OF METROPLEX: 1985-2005 (2CD)


Juan Atkins


20 YEARS OF METROPLEX: 1985-2005 (2CD)


Tresor / Tresor216CD

cybotron – alleys of your mind
model 500 – future
model 500 – starlight
model 500 – vessels in distress
channel one – technicolor (long mix)
model 500 – the chase (smooth mix)
cybotron – r-9
infiniti – game one
3mb feat. juan atkins – jazz is the teacher
cybotron – cosmic cars
model 500 – i wanna be there (edit)
cybotron – clear
cybotron – dreamaker
infiniti feat. juan atkins – skyway
model 500 – no ufos
model 500 – night drive (thru babylon)
model 500 – ocean to ocean (vocal mix)
juan atkins – something about the music
model 500 – off to battle (remix)
cybotron – cosmic raindance
model 500 – the flow
visions - other side of life
model 500 – the passage

Digipak-Repress dieser fantastischen 2CD Compilation mit allen wichtigen Produktionen des Detroiter Techno-Pioniers Juan Atkins aka The Godfather of Techno. 20 Years Metroplex beinhaltet essentielle Klasiker wie Clear, No UFOs,The Chase, The Passage und Off To Battle, die die Musiklandschaft veraenderten und ein ganzes Genre praegten. Inkl. Booklet mit Liner Notes von Dan Sicko.

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*Digipack repress of the classic compilation gathering the essential works that marked Juan Atkins’ career and changed the electronic landscape forever. Includes liner notes by Dan Sicko.
*Featured here are ground-breaking early works such as "Clear", "No UFO's", "The Chase", "The Passage" and "Off To Battle" - electronic compositions that will always be counted as foundation blocks for a music/culture style that endures to the present day and on.
*Somewhere between Kraftwerk, Funkadelic and Depeche Mode, Juan Atkins delivered a new sound that changed the face of electronic music forever.
“For someone often referred to as “The Godfather of Techno”, you’d think Juan Atkins would command more respect in the mainstream music industry. When you consider a career spanning over two decades and an influence too great to be properly measured, it’s strange and almost troubling. Perhaps Cybotron’s future-shock paranoia was merely ahead of its time. Juan doesn’t often acknowledge the factors within the business that have kept him and Detroit techno out of the popular spheres, instead of ignoring or rising above them. This mindset, an exuberant hope for the future, is what sets him and his music apart. Knowing that Atkins’ optimism and faith are integral to his work, it seems strange to stretch back to his earliest material. The contrast between the last Model
500 records and his work with Cybotron is quite sharp. It’s even more striking when you consider that Juan’s entrance into the music business came at a relatively early age - seventeen to be exact! ...”

01. Cybotron - Alleys Of Your Mind 02. Model 500 - Future 03. Model 500 - Starlight 04. Model 500 - Vessels In Distress 05. Channel One - Technicolor 06. Model 500 - The Chase 07. Cybotron - R9 08. Infiniti - Game One 09. 3MB - Jazz Is The Teacher 10. Cybotron - Cosmic Cars 11. Model 500 - I Wanna Be Free

01. Cybotron - Clear 02. Cybotron - Dreamaker 03. Infiniti - Skyway 04. Model 500 - No UFO's
05. Model 500 - Nightdrive 06. Model 500 - Ocean To Ocean 07. Juan Atkins - Something About The Music
08. Model 500 - Off To Battle 09. Cybotron - Cosmic Raindance 10. Model 500 - The Flow 11. Vision - Other Side Of Life 12. Model 500 - The Passage

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