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Underdog / ur000101

12 inch lp
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1. a1: treat me right
2. a2: never give it up
3. a3: tears
4. a4: till our soul gets up
5. a5: just a feeling
6. a6: heartaches
7. b1: dirty funky
8. b2: talk is cheap
9. b3: give me more than time
10. b4: supa dancing
11. b5: till our soul gets up (patchworks remix)
12. b6: tears (patchworks remix)

John Milk grew up In the Paris suburb where music at that time was all about Hip Hop. Listening to all the Wu Tang productions based on analog samples of 60 Rhythm and Blues, he decided at the age of 18 to build his own studio with analog gears. Real to Real tape recorder, 70’s microphones, live recording. His idea was to create a raw, groovy sound of his no matter what the other producers were doing. That’s when he met a new crew of musician nuts about 70’s reggae music. Getting deep into the Jamaican sound of Studio One and Channel One studios, he decided to found his own record label: KA Records. Recording live, pressing 10 inch and 7inches, he also performed live, opening for famous Jamaican bands such as The Abyssinians, The Congos or Horace Andy. His records of deep 70’s Jamaican soul were sold in the UK, Japan, and most European countries.

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12 Inch LP
R & B
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While he was still producing Reggae, John Milk was contacted by Patchworks (Mr President, Uptown Funk Empire…) a French soul producer willing to give him a try on one of his productions.
“I knew Patchworks was crazy about Curtis Mayfield, especially about his falsetto voice. I really wanted him to hire me for a record so I gave him some falsetto of mine. He actually dug my song and that’s how I had my first 45 released under the john Milk’s name. It was called “Choose your friend” on Big Single Label. “
After 5 years of producing deep roots music, John Milk moved into what was actually the source of the Jamaican soul he was making: American soul music. He made a demo of what would later be part of the album “Treat Me right”. He went back to see Patchworks to get a feedback on that work.
Blundetto, famous Parisian producer leading the national NOVA radio, the Soul Sugar label led by Doctor Lonnie Smith’s road manager Guillaume Mettenier recorded John Milk on tracks for upcoming singles and albums.
In 2014 Underdog Records heard about John Milk and his demo. Few months later, they decided to release it.

“I am very happy about all these opportunities that I had lately. We have a good album coming, gigs all over France to promote it. I also have different songs released on other producers’ albums and I am currently working on soundtracks for cinema! Let’s hope the groove won’t end!”
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