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1. minotauro original
2. remix hermanez - minotauro
3. remix mihai popoviciu - minotauro

The Fourth Release By Los Pastores Label - Oblack - Knows How To Make The Best National And International Clubbing Sheepfold Gather And Dance With Its Imaginary Electronic Sound

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Now the pair formed by David Gtronic and Jethro, same difference, takes control of this new release. Gtronic is an American -Miami- producer who has become an emerging figure of the best energetic and highly groove techno that feeds on organic sounds. Also the very young Romanian artist Jethro brings a refreshing and bold vision of the most contemporary house. 'Minotauro' is based on a strong manual tech-house foundation .. no worries, now comes the good part. Suddenly the dance floor becomes a maze full of nooks, corners with traps, terrifying frights and synthetic effects which seem quite real. Listening to the Minotaur snorting in your ear when you dance every beat is precisely what David Gtronic and Jethro do with this priceless track -as wonderful and savage as the Bull of Minos, which will be played to satiety in clubs that are more maze-like than vital crossroads with just one exit.The remix by the Belgian Hermanez is committed to a more dark, mysterious and tech vision of the original track. Its development is appropriate, exquisite and underground, and seems like it has been covered with steel and concrete. It's scary, causing movement but not shaking. Serious, well-tempered, powerful, mechanical and closer to Detroit than ever. What if the famous labyrinth in Crete had been there instead? Unreservedly remarkable.Meanwhile, the Romanian Mihai Popoviciu takes the 'Minotauro' out of the maze -about time too!, and that's when the sun shines and provides it with those metal, flashing and sparkling touches setting it nearer to house than in previous cases. The acid and almost electronic bubbling of this remix leads us, spite of appearances, to a corner where there is no exit but indiscriminate dancing. Undoubtedly this is the outstanding feature of the EP.Anyway, if you come across this 'Minotauro' in any world club, fear not .. it's a good friend of Los Pastores. - Fernando Fuentes, November 2012
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