Ian Simmonds




Musik Krause CD 003

sands of tunis
the esel
the castle dub
the dog
kon 1

Being taken with the creative spirit of the city and the musicality of the region, Ian Simmonds has decided on an honorable isubmersioni in a new creative adventure with fresh inspiration. Parallel he started the live-jazz-poetry band >Wise in Time< with the requisite tour, as well as vinyl releases on Musikkrause.

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1. Intro
2. Sands of Tunis
3. The Esel
4. Rootz
5. the castle dub
6. Diver
7. Speak
8. The Dog
9. Kon 1
10. Downhome
11. Dance of Dances
12. According too
13. Wendelstein Variations

There are stories which like fairy tales find a musical determination. The treasured Ian Simmonds, who currently is performing as singer and poet on tour in Japan with a 18- piece Japanese improvisational orchestra, is responsible under his given name and as Juryman for the most innovative thrust in view of new paths on the electronic scene. He left London in 2005 and began a new chapter in the east German province of scenic Jena in Thuringia. His roots lie in the electronic innovative British scenery in the first half of the 90ís rave era. On his 2000 opus “The Hill”, Allison Goldfrapp lent elfin vocals, all the while meeting and greeting with greats of musicÖand now he is searching for a new beginning on the German mainland. Since 1995 he has gained friends and contacts in Jena and his often booked to perform in Club Kassablanca. Being taken with the creative spirit of the city and the musicality of the region, he has decided on an honorable ìsubmersionî in a new creative adventure with fresh inspiration. Parallel he started the live-jazz-poetry band, Wise in Time (CD ìThe Ballad of Den the Menî Crammed Discs), with the requisite tour, as well as vinyl releases on Musikkrause. After 2 years in Jena, Ian now needed a new space for the realization of a new unique album. From the tip of a friend, who knew a town official, he has found the perfect place: the old Castle Wendelstein in the middle of the vineyard region Unstrut valley in Burgenland Saxony-Anhalt. Renting at a very advantageous rate, he began as landlord under the influence of old walls and fascinating nature on the album ìThe Burgenland Dubsî after he set up his studio. Under the dictator faulty heating, rotting old windows, two hard winters with ice crystals in his beard in the morn, the folk Simmonds worked infinitely inspired and fresh like it hasnít been in 20 years in this special atmosphere. Like a world traveler in a spiritual craft, Simmonds a factory of a full maritime dimension, rhythmic material lyrical moments, dramatic beat sorcery and orchestral presence without the case of monumental saturation in the network. The single cast and multifaceted- style which are carried exceptionally, demonstrates this swinging acoustic flight of traditional instrumentation paired with modern electric sonic culture. Ian Simmonds does not shy from before an apparent locale in the afro-American music tradition and historical shoots from other musical ways and means. Here stands a perpetual form, a simultaneously synthetic and founded concrete reference. A Mecca for soul brothers and jazz novices, decoded precisely from the tonal spectrum, like the motive British Break ëní Step sense and smooth downbeat island-dom, a classic and soundtrack spot, as well as the depths and straight lines of sounds from Detroit. Evidently held together from the basis of funk and jazz, lies the future, the past and the present tightly interwoven in a material of the modern. It all began on the bass with the extraordinary combo, the Sandals (1992-94), whose proliferation anticipated the (at the time) British-isle club innovation. As Jurymann he began to plumb the intersection of modern music with traditional. From there came unbeatable productions in the form of 12' remixes, albums on renowned labels like SSR, Ntone, Studio !K7, Pussyfoot, G-Stone, Compost, Poets Club, and JCR. His discography belongs to a timeless innovation of entertainment bordering on analysis and passion.
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