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Street Corner Music / scm001lp

12 inch lp
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1. be[ats]original intro
2. they re finally noticing
3. nabisco
4. yo gabba stabba
5. change up
6. rainbow read
7. dont hurt
8. tendered
9. kraidience
10. experiment 2
11. dilla nights
12. ma (it s good)

19 years ago, I walked into Street Corner Music for the first time. Hard 2 Earn had come out that day, and I figured I would finally check out the shop down the street. Not thinking they would carry the vinyl, I asked for the cd and was let down when the guy behind the counter said they had just sold the last one. *We ve got a couple LPs left though.* I fell out. At this point in time I had never looked forward to an album as much as this one. ...

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12 Inch LP
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I asked to speak to the manager so I could see if they needed any help, and the response was “We don’t have a budget for another employee at this time, but would you be willing to work for trade?” HELL YES I WOULD.
Street Corner became the first hub of many where I peddled the music that I loved. From hiphop to soul to rock to jazz. To this day it remains my favorite record store. I’m grateful to Chris Flanagan, Mike Rome, and Lynn Koretz for bringing me aboard the ship and having the faith in me to let me do what I did while I was there.
Fast forward to May 31st, 2013. What do I call the label? What makes sense? STREET CORNER MUSIC. It was the spot where everyone knew they could come and grab the heat. It only makes sense to adopt the name. Now get ready for the heat.
The Gift is a series I enacted on my website,, to spotlight not necessarily unknown talent, but cats just under the radar.
I decided to start it off with NAMELESS, a crazy producer from Flint now living in Florida. His sound echoes that of Detroit HipHop’s past, and points toward the future. Enjoy the slaps, and get ready for more. Much more.
May 31, 2013
(added: 2013-10-16 09:06:27 )
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