Meteorology (CD)
Meteorology (CD)




Meteorology (CD)


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1. one final solstice...
2. allen town jail
3. cryin
4. back into the deep
5. rising
6. red tide
7. lunar phaser
8. cinemascopique
9. ostalgia
10. serenade des excentriques
11. wasting time

To Frivolous, dance music is about living life to the full, about acting out all possible human emotions in the eccentric, sweaty arena of a club...

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To Frivolous, dance music is about living life to the full, about acting out all possible human emotions in the eccentric, sweaty arena of a club. Daniel Gardner´s tracks engage the crowds with grooves bursting of life and startling, eerie atmospheres. Exotic samples arranged into improbable yet emotionally charged atmospheres create a very special Frivolous experience: The sounds of a primeval forest encounters a dignified, aristocratic piano, a beautiful Russian Waltz gets twisted into a overturning house groove. Romance turning into contempt, one´s home becoming alien and strange, “Metereology” deals with the experience of emotional extremes. Pulling us away from our pedestrian lives, the subtle compositions with Daniel´s charming voice take us to remote places and distant times. The unconscious realization that you’ve heard a certain melody or sound before gives the album the qualities of an instant classic. Employing multilayered soundscapes “Metereology” ties in with Cadenza´s earlier releases. Focusing strongly on the rhythmic sides of things, his new album is denser than its predecessors. The grooves have an enhanced inertia. Short melodic sequences create sustainable loops superseding elaborate forms on top. Frivolous merges his seminal genre bending qualities and Jazzy intricacy into grooves that push the house sound as far into the experimental realm as physically possible. The sonic arrangements are fused into one immersive idea that engages the dancers completely. With these sonic landscapes one is never quite sure which objects exist in their immediate environment and which objects are super-imposed. The sounds become a reality of their own, they create imaginary spaces. In an experience as exciting as uncanny everyone on the dancefloor realizes that the other, sonically projected environment is more real than anything else. In spring 2009, Daniel underwent his Berlin backlash which is an inevitable experience for visitors of the city as well.
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