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Running Back / MNDCD001

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1. blue marine
2. cacciatori di frodo
3. precipio / laguna
4. in viaggio
5. foce verde
6. bosco
7. laguna / dune
8. dune
9. pic nic
10. vento dominante/ selva
11. anxur
12. south bay
13. maga circe

The Mondo Productions Started With Four Releases To Describe Locations: Dedicated To Seascapes, Scenarios Range From Sea Fauna To Poaching, From Natural Parks To Sea Dunes. Landscapes Surrounded By Plains, Mountains, Lakes, Forests,beaches And Marches. A Land That Still Recalls A Legends, Fantastic Tales That Tell The Story,the Events ,the Origin Of A Real Place,when Past And Present Coexist In A Perfect Harmony. Four Records To Describe The Seasons. A Journey Through The Rise And Fall Of The Sun,the Bright Light Of A Spring Day, The Warm Wind That Dissolves The Sand On Its Way To The Rainy Season.

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Collezione MONDO The name MONDO has its roots in “MONDO MOVIES", an italian movie genre born in the 60’s. Mondo movies are characterized by documentary-like content that addresses several topics from around the world ("mondo"). The Mondo label has the goal to produce music that is descriptive of concepts, images and environments. Mondo is inspired by library music, a genre frequently used as theme or background music in radio, film and television in that very same period. Production music libraries typically offer a broad range of musical styles and genres describing everything ranging from deserts to war and sports. Library music composers and session performers had no constraint at all. They typically work anonymously, have rarely become known outside their professional circle and they have produced what probably is the most creative music catalogue ever.
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