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K (CD)


Donato Dozzy


K (CD)


Further Records / FUR018CD-LTD

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Nearly An Hour Of Dense Ambient Fog & Early Morning Techno From Former Resident At Panorama Bar (aquaplano, Mule Electronic) Known For 5+ Hr Sets Of Deep, Hypnotic, Techno & Epic Daybreak Sets At Labyrinth Festival. Ltd Hand Screeened Covers.

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Few artists have crafted a catalog as rich and deep as Donato Dozzy has done in minimal techno’s more atmospheric realm. The Italian producer—who also performs in the excellent Voices From The Lake duo with Neel—has become revered for his unerring ability to create tracks that are at once ethereal and oceanic, inducing both a sense of tranquility and urgency. His debut album, K, which Further Records originally issued in 2010, stands as a towering example of Dozzy’s skill for electronic music that triggers profound feelings with only a few scrupulously selected elements.

K’s seven tracks offer a masterly seminar in subtly altering the grid-like beat programming that dominates techno. Dozzy puts odd emphases on certain beats and adds percussive eccentricities and effects to others. Which means that this isn’t a collection of bangers geared for hands-in-the-air, goofball moves. Instead, Dozzy’s working on a much more refined level, one where tricky, intricate drum patterns trump simple booming kicks—although K3’s staunch, methodically funky kick and hi-hat pattern and K5’s swift and elegantly propulsive beats could heat up a club.

The greatest pleasures of K occur in the way Dozzy’s eerie, aquatic drones swirl around his well-wrought rhythms, submerging everything in a restorative, algae-tinged film. At their best, these pieces convey a Chain Reaction-like rigor and a cinematic quality (of the Jacques Cousteau variety) utterly devoid of cliché. This reissue of K reminds us that it remains a crucial component of Donato Dozzy's catalog, the first major statement in a career that's becoming a manifesto of understated, underground-techno brilliance.

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