ZEN (2X12 LP 180G VINYL)
ZEN (2X12 LP 180G VINYL)


DJ Krush


ZEN (2X12 LP 180G VINYL)


Music On Vinyl / movlp220

2x12 inch lp
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1. song 1
2. zen approach ft. black thought
3. danger of love ft. zap mama
4. sonic traveler ft. tunde ayanyemi
5. duck chase ft. phonosycographdisk
6. vision of art ft. company flow
7. days end ft. kazufumi kodama
8. with grace ft. n dea davenport
9. candle chant (a tribute) ft. boss the mc
10. endless railway ft. ahmir ?uestlove thompson
11. whutz da solution ft. kukoo da baga bonez
12. paradise bird theory ft. sunja lee

>Zen< is DJ Krushs seventh album and features collaborations with Black Thought and ?uestlove of the Roots (on different tracks, mind you), N Dea Davenport of the Brand New Heavies and Zap Mama, as well as unknowns from the Japanese Hip Hop scene. The beats he creates are organic, at times defying any genre-descriptions, which is exactly how DJ Krush likes it.
This album from 2001 hasnt been available on vinyl for years, and is now made available to you on double 180 grams audiophile vinyl.

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2x12 Inch LP
Trip Hop
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