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2x12 inch lp
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1. a1: intro
2. a2: babe
3. a3: wubeatle
4. a4: queen’s
5. b1: pain
6. b2: the joy of living
7. b3: good day
8. c1: love the sun
9. c2: say it again
10. c3: never love
11. c4: love & me
12. d1: ambitious
13. d2: a night with my princess
14. d3: of attack
15. d4: the love and i

Last album Influences, just released and contains 15 tracks, this is the first album of DJ CLIF as dj / beatmaker. For the development of the album, it is indented for 5 years to learn the basics of music production. This album allows us to discover a rich palette of his music production, combining hip hop, soul and funk. Inspiration is very 90s, it plunges into the golden age of hip hop. An album musically available all ears as well both old school as the new school, but also to those who do not operate in the world of hip hop. DJ CLIF music is a passion and this is why it is important to convey the sounds Soul, Funk, oldies, Jazz-Funk .

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2x12 Inch LP
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It is very early that DJ Clif falls under the spell of hip hop culture . Indeed, it is in discovering the issuance of Sidney, ‘HIPHOP’ on TF1 in 1984, he began to hang with this movement, which led him to make those first steps breakeur . Then inspired by friends taggers, it also tries to this discipline and this is the name that choisison Clif reference Cliff Barnes in Dallas, but listening to the first pieces of American rap, and trying to reproduce the scratches with the platinum lounge of his parents, that he just wanted to be the dj, so he bought his first turntable and his first vinyl (LL CoolJ , Run DMC, Eric B & Rakim ... ).
Confirmation of belonging to this culture will free radios and more particularly via Nova radio emissions Lionel D and Dee Nasty in 1987 or values convey "peace, unity, love and having fun," he speaks and inspires . His passion for music and vinyl scratch instead take a more and more important in his life, so he decides to put whether, and bought a second plate and a mixer, which marks the beginning of workouts. Later, through hard work and perseverance, Clif become active in this movement by participating in its first projects in the early 90s. It will decide later to structure and this will be achieved through creation of these labels: 93 All Stars in1995 and Spies From His Production en 1997. Dj Clif has participated in many projects, mixtapes, parties, cd, video, during deejaying and collaborated with various artists including Dirt Platoon, dj maze, dj dee nasty, dj doze, scalp, dj momo, idsa the integrated dj shone, Pheel dj 's, bastos, bazane, hitch dj, dj wicked profayt, kefran dj, dj fab to name a few.
Another activity that is close to his heart , radio, or he could illustrate his expertise through sets of hip hop / soul on Generation 88.2 (Underground Explorer) Aligre FM, So Music Station, Music 4 Live Vallée FM , etc.. During these emissions has been alongside artists such as: Royal S, Boramy, H magnum, Kery James, March dj, Keny Arkana, Guizmo, Hitachi Kyo, dj brans, Olivier Cachin ...
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