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12 inch lp
a1: a few began to smoke
a2: school
a3: sunrise soldier
a4: light bright love letters
a5: we’re all famous
b1: we used to be broken
b2: arrested silence
b3: fist 101
b4: plastic jungles
b5 bath tub

Dfalt’s latest release brings the music back to where Jason was all those years ago, twisting knobs on his beat up old Roland 303. This time he steps to the plate with a host of tools including Ableton, MPC1000, Technics 1200s, various Korg Koass Pads, Casio SK-1, amongst many other gadgets and toys. An appreciation fort he old school masters and the mid-90s experimental and electronic beat scene, mixed with Jason’s ever evolving production techniques, are what brought Dfalt and his latest record to life.
The vinyl LP includes a code for free download of the full album.

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12 Inch LP
Trip Hop

Los Angeles DJ/Producer, Dfalt, has worn many hats over the years: current Creative Director/Co-Founder of fashion and art label, Daylight Curfew, Director of Marketing for famed hip-hop label, Def Jux, Digital marketing for hyper-buzzed hip hop duo, Run The Jewels. Inspired at an early age while growing up in the Bay Area, Jason grew up with sounds aired over San Francisco's hip hop station, KMEL. It was a constant stream of early-mid 90's selections where he fell in love with the music underlying the lyrics. Public Enemy's Bomb Squad, DJ Premiere, Dust Brothers, RZA, J Dilla, and even Aphex Twin have been highly influential in the growth of Jason's music.
Dfalt's tracks are a needle dropping on the wrist, it's not about the beat, it's about the pulse. Voices are pitched down, not quite human, colored with underlying tension. The wavelength is warped, staggering, snaking through the ether. Stepping into his world can be disorienting, uneasy, somewhere between a first kiss and a first fight. It is a new, unfamiliar place. Succumb, and you will be rewarded.
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