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1. sanctuary (7 inch version)
2. sanctuary (7 inch instrumental)

Wah Wah 45s are proud to present their debut release from vocalist, keyboard player, producer and afrobeat giant Dele Sosimi! Born in Hackney, East London, but soon to return to his parents native Nigeria at the age of four, Dele was schooled and raised in Fela Anikulapo Kuti s shadow at the height of early 70s afrobeat. Having been chosen by Fela to join his band at somewhat of a tender age, he was still a young man when sharing Felas Glastonbury stage in 1984, and became both Musical Director for both Felas Egypt 80 and Femi Kutis Positive Force.

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After Fela's passing in 1997, Dele went on to concentrate on his own solo career and, with diligent patience, carved out his own afrobeat crown. In London, where he now resides, his Afrobeat Vibration all-nighters are charged with his passion, labours and his unrelenting spirit and deliver Fela classics alongside his own compositions from his first two studio albums, Turbulent Times, and Identity.

This new single, Sanctuary, marks a new era in Dele's musical story. Recorded, mixed and produced by Nostalgia 77 (Tru Thoughts) and featuring most of his regular Afrobeat Orchestra members, it's the first taste of what's to come with his third long-player due for release on Wah Wah 45s in the spring of 2015. With an organic, urgent afro-funk sound, combined with Nostalgia 77's perfectly pitched production, it's sure to make it worth the wait.

London's afrobeat king is coming to party and you're all welcome to join in!
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