Daniel Bjarnason




Bedroom Community / Hvalur7cd

bow to string i: sorrow conquers happiness - daniel bjarnason
bow to string ii: blood to bones - daniel bjarnason
bow to string iii: air to breath - daniel bjarnason
processions i: in medias res - daniel bjarnason
processions ii: spindrift - daniel bjarnason
processions iii: red-handed - daniel bjarnason
skelja - daniel bjarnason

As the fifth member of Bedroom Community, Daníel Bjarnason promises to share his bewitching alchemy with our troupe and our listeners.

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Blurring the line between electronic and chamber music—a familiar style for the Icelandic Bedroom Community collective—the constructions of this recording's emotional triggers are wholly unique. In Daníel Bjarnason's Processions, the composer marshals all the technical forces at his disposal to accomplish a musical goal rather than an ideological statement.
Daníel Bjarnason is 'the other classical composer' on our label, a throne he now shares with the omnipresent Nico Muhly. Daníel and Nico may both conjure their magic and craft via black dots on manuscript paper and swinging of the arms & upper-body, but their music is as fundamentally different from each other's as it is from that of Ben Frost or Sam Amidon. If anything else connects it—apart from allowing me to cast my own spell on it—it is that it is all brand-new; taking nothing as given while being fully informed of the past and the possibilities of now. As the fifth member of Bedroom Community, Daníel Bjarnason promises to share his bewitching alchemy with our troupe and our listeners.
—Valgeir Sigursson, Reykjavík 2009.
Daníel Bjarnason's music is so intelligently crafted, it makes you want to pause the concert every second and look at a score. Ê
At the same time, the craft whizzes by organically, and you don't have enough time to pause and contemplate. His music is thoughtful without being overthought, and obsessive without being persnickety. As an outsider in the Icelandic music scene, I've observed that Daníel is a musician trusted by all: he is just as happy and effective conducting the Icelandic opera as he is strolling down the street; one night, I saw him fidget with a new arrangement of All Sounds to Silence Come and then rush off to conduct a series of ecstatically huge arrangements for the band Hjaltalín. His album is just a small peek into the life of his mind.
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