Tanto (CD)
Tanto (CD)




Tanto (CD)


Quietus / Quietus008

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1. i break all around you
2. you tell me to be strong
3. as we remember a life of love
4. i pray to a godless sky
5. and i want to be as strong as you
6. but i am broken

In 2014 I lost one of my best friends, without whom my life will never be the same - Tanto, my feline brother in arms, and not only a massive part of my life, but my music as well. We fought our hardest, for months, side by side, but in the end, everything we had was not enough. From one of, if not the darkest times in my life, I wanted to honor a life with good and beauty, the way he deserved. The result is my first ‘live’ album, in that all tracks were done in one take, one each day for six days, recorded raw and untouched... not a story, not a narrative, but a direct account of the saddest, emptiest, most helpless days of my life, after I was forced to let my brother and best friend leave this life... and everything I wish I could have told him as he slipped from my world in front of my eyes, and in my arms. But it is not entirely an album of sadness and anger... it is as much my wish to show a life of beauty and pure, unadulterated love, and my love for someone who meant the world to me. The end result is an unbridled recording that is as much joy as pain, and as much hope as despair. 100% of everything from this album will be donated to the UC Davis Center for FIP Research. For this, and what this means, Quietus is reborn. At least once... to let a life of such kindness and love live on... and to hopefully help many more friends and family stay side by side. This CD was made locally in the Bay Area, my home, and the cover hand-printed on an actual printing press, using real paper and ink - the way my family and I did for over 20 years. Thank you for your love and support, and cherish every day with those you love, and who love you.

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