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1. jonas kopp - 55 dias
2. octex - liagon
3. mister jackson/draq - visohvis (cezar remix)
4. the horrorist - one night in nyc (ricardo villalobos remix)
5. rocco - tbt3
6. redshape - goom
7. alland byallo - blindsided
8. minilogue - when sadness releases, joy arises
9. shifted - gates + area forty one - reminiscence
10. shifted - gates + martini broes. - big and dirty
11. jeff derringer - panic
12. westboy - green illusion (truncate remix)
13. polar inertia - the last vehicle
14. sigha - politics of dying
15. butch feat. hohberg - the spirit
16. vedomir - musical suprematism (marcel dettmann remix)
17. butch & hohberg - thai cubensis
18. sebastian mullaert - chant de paris
19. vincenzo monastra - incessantemente (zece remix)
20. heiko laux - souldancer (ray kajioka remix)
21. kornel kovacs - szikra (abdulla rashim remix)
22. weltwirtschaft - maud

It Seems That There Is An Overabundance Of Artists Today Who Have Reached A Level Of Success From Their Work, But Very Few Of Them Come Close To The Level Of Output And Range As Butch. Equal Parts Producer Extraordinaire, Dj, Gentleman, And Comedian, Butch Has Everything Deserving Of A Star In Todays Dance Music Arena. Which Is Why, We Here At Watergate Are Extremely Pleased To Present Him As Next In Line For Our Watergate Mix Series

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It seems that there is an overabundance of artists today who have reached a level of success from their work, but very few of them come close to the level of output and range as Butch. Equal parts producer extraordinaire, DJ, gentleman, and comedian, Butch has everything deserving of a star in todays dance music arena. Which is why, we here at Watergate are extremely pleased to present him as next in line for our Watergate Mix Series. In twenty three tracks spanning an hour and twenty minutes, Butch guides you through a lucid dream in a technicolor world where time ceases to exist. Reminiscent of a turn of the century Danny Tenaglia, Butch displays his prowess as not only a tastemaker, but an artist encompassing a boundless spectrum of intention and interpretation. The journey begins with the washed out ambience of Jonas Kopp’s ‘55 Dias’ as the groove of Octex’s ‘Liagon’ slowly surfaces establishing the foundation for which the mix will follow suit. Slowly but precisely, Butch moves into a lush landscape of utopian sounds
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