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1. innercity - prince of the immortal woods
2. wire people - triangle vision (original mix)
3. beesmunt soundsystem - all day
4. fred p. - it is what it is
5. pedestrian - hoyle road
6. coni - my secret diving
7. breach - beroving (dj-kicks)
8. cassio kohl - broken
9. close feat. joe dukie - my way (dusky remix)
10. iron galaxy - attention seeker
11. detroit swindle - the break up
12. dopplereffekt - z-boson
13. redinho - searching
14. winx - hows the music
15. sabre - nightdrive to bolland

Breach (aka Ben Westbeech) opens up on K7 DJ Kicks!

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It’s been a big year for Breach, a.k.a. Ben Westbeech. His track ‘Jack’ hasn’t just
blown up on danceoors across the globe: it’s laid waste to them. In the process,
‘Jack’ got to Number 9 in the UK charts. Not bad considering Westbeech has always
seen Breach as an underground thing. “It’s been wonderful having a record that's
commercially successful,” he says. “The thing is not to lose sight of why you started
making music in the rst place. I wasn’t trying to get in the Top Ten. I just care about
making deep records that I get off on.”
Take Breach’s DJ Kicks mix, for example. If all you know about Breach is ‘Jack’, you’re
in for a surprise. Likewise, if you’re familiar with Westbeech as a vocalist you might
have to have a bit of a reappraisal. “This is the music that I love, the kind of thing that
I play when I DJ,” explains Westbeech. “I made ‘Jack’ and I play it, but there’s a lot
more to the music I love than that.”
The mix opens with the spooked atmospherics of ‘Prince Of The Immortal Woods’ by
Innercity, before shifting into the soft, rounded bassline and euphoric strings of
‘Triangle Vision’ by Wire People and the 4AM jacking house groove that is Beesmunt
Soundsystem’s ‘All Day’. ‘It Is What It Is’ by Fred P is an important point in the set. The
echoes of Detroit techno sum up where Westbeech’s head is at right now. Other
highlights include ‘Attention Seeker’ by Iron Galaxy and ‘How’s The Music’ by Winx,
better know as Josh Wink.
Westbeech’s exclusive track is ‘Beroving’, which means ‘deprivation’ in Dutch. It’s a
beautiful, evocative sound from the interface of house and techno, a world away from
‘Jack’, but every bit as good. “Since ‘Jack’s blown, I’ve been gigging so much, just on
the road all the time. My life is missing sleep. I’m deprived of making music and being
in the studio. I put this mix together and did the track in such a short space of time.
I’m deprived of time at the moment so it seemed like a tting word.”

CD Tracklisting
1. Innercity - Prince Of The Immortal Woods
2. Wire People - Triangle Vision (Original Mix)
3. Beesmunt Soundsystem - All Day
4. Fred P. - It Is What It Is
5. Pedestrian - Hoyle Road
6. Coni - My Secret Diving
7. Breach - Beroving (Dj-Kicks)
8. Cassio Kohl - Broken
9. Close Feat. Joe Dukie - My Way (Dusky Remix)
10. Iron Galaxy - Attention Seeker
11. Detroit Swindle - The Break Up
12. Dopplereffekt - Z-Boson
13. Redinho - Searching
14. Winx - How'S The Music
15. Sabre - Nightdrive To Bolland
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