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Musique Large / ML 008

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1. superman
2. beijos seus labios feat. tita lima

Humanoids with soul... Unsatisfied with the cold plastic feel of computer sounds & sequencing, duo Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez (BR&CP) have headed back to the real essence of jazz & funk. Live drumming is overdubbed with sub-bass frequencies and vintage synths, bringing us a new groove thing. Playfully labeled «Decalette»- a cosmic street jazz of sorts... the result is rough & rugged, with a pulsing low-end bounce. Connecting the dots from Dr. Dre to Sun Ra, from Liquid Liquid to The Roots and back... they refuse obvious shortcuts and are never afraid of getting their hands dirty in the process. Check!

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In their fully-analog equipped studio in Paris, it’s a clash of instruments, microphone exercises, synth explosions, heat, smoke and sweat. There’s no real need to rely on tricky editing, sequencing or computers in general... it’s all about overdubs, old gear and whatever practical skills are necessary to get it right.

On stage, Baron Retif & Concepción Pérez hit hard and heavy with a straightforward combination of live drums vs. live keys, and often invite vocal guests and other musicians to accompany their tight flow of solid cinematic grooves.

This first outstanding 10” vinyl on Parisian label Musique Large features on the A-side Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez’s single «Superman»: an epic instrumental track, punchy but well-rounded, cranky yet optimistic, not particulary inspired by the Superman theme, but nevertheless well-suited for saving the world while flying through the stratosphere wearing tights. The B side slows things down with «Beijos Seus Labios»: a smokey off-beat quest for love, a bouncing bass coated with soft electric piano stylings. The portuguese poetry of Minadosom is sung beautifully by Tita Lima, a rising brasilian star with a magnetic voice. A perfect soundtrack for making out on the beach.
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