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1. wiggett: so we know that hexog
2. 22:25
3. blame a hil
4. cherry red
5. 0221 51025xx
6. how do i know what solutions x form?
7. 1/1
8. all the alts imm holding are hurting.

The long awaited debut album by one of the most unique producers in Dance music these days.

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BARNT - Born in the 70s, kid of the 90s When his classmates were into Grunge, he was exploring Techno, when the same classmates discovered Techno, he was already taking a closer look into Hip Hop (battling in the nationwide DMC and ITF championships), when everyone went to Berlin to celebrate Minimal, he was being on a trip back in time to inhale early German electronic and rock music - attracted by the main oppositional poles of this era: accuracy and free rein. Mainly these biographical key points and his (now over two decades spanning) DJ experience are the base for his formula of pathos, calculated dilettantism and dance floor functionality that characterize all his productions. Take the infamous "Geffen" or his earlier work with Cologne Tape on the EP "Render", the first release on his own conceptual imprint Magazine, that he co-runs with Crato and Jens-Uwe Beyer. "Render" and his debut solo EP "What Is A Number, That A Man May Know It?" became instant underground hits in 2010 and the records are precious collector's items ever since. At that time he was already an established part of the music scene in Cologne, the city where he finished first his Biology and subsequently his Art studies (carving out the two poles "accuracy" and "free rein" in his development again). In the fruitful atmosphere of Cologne he still lives and from here he further evolves his idiosyncratic style, which already brought him from Robert Johnson to Trouw, from Montreux Jazz Festival to Mutek México, from Berghain to Burning Man.
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