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analog trip 12 years later remix
george apergis & vgo remix
illias katelanos remix
paduraru deephouse mix

Elektrik dreams Music presents her first vinyl record EDMVIN001 from Analog Trip plus remixers. 1996 was a successful year for them, because they became well known in every part of Greece back then with their single >House hit u like that<. This time they decided to show a more melancholic and deep remix of an unreleased track from 1999, named >Declaration of silence< and they present it through a series of remixes of established artists and active persons of electronic scene such as : Ilias Katelanos, George Apergis & Vgo and Christian Paduraru.

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A1: Analog Trip - 12 years later remix:
Analog Trip himself re-records and redefines after 12 years his unreleased track declaration of silence through another point of view. It’s melancholic but in a way makes you dive into his logic and let your mind wander while you are dancing on 125 bpm. And when you think you have figured it out, it tricks you just because it does not “move” in known formulas of techno and house. It finds it’s way to your soul but gets lost in your mind in the deep pad and the melody while it reaches it’s end will remind you some forgotten track of the 80’s.

A2: George Apergis & VGO Remix
He works with great pleasure every single beat . it was expected that he would succeed in the mixing because there is a long history behind George Apergis and techno music. While on the shame time vgo work on the filters.
No doubt this is one track of the record that will make even the most bored clubber to stand up and dance in every club.

B1: Ilias Katelanos Remix
After many remixes to producers that are idolized in the areas of DEEP - TECH HOUSE such as Terry Lee Brown, Addex and more , Ilias Katelanos comes to add that sweet spice melody and colour in the track. Let ur mind travel with the music …
B2: Christian Paduraru Deephouse Remix
This is an intelligent mix of breaks with deep house tunes in a unique way that u know it has Paduraru signature. Here let experience guide you.
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