Alexis Cabrera




Fun / Fun002

1. a1: alcohpott
2. a2: los confites
3. b1: mivi

Argentinian producer, live act and tech whizkid Alexis Cabrera is back with a brand new release, a slice of stepping house, laced with minimal aesthetics on FUN records, the recently christened label that he set up with fellow Argentinian Barem. The label emblem may be just an innocent looking balloon, but the contents of this vinyl release are far from lofty and full of hot air, instead grounding the listener through a mix of organic sound and digital dancefloor rhythms.

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Alcohpott opens the EP with stripped back, melodic toplines, a track that’s been washed with acid, staining it’s funky drum pattern and stepping 4x4 rhythm on the break. Snapping beats, wobbling, disorientating swing and digital deviance all in equal measure for this surefire crowd pleaser. The fun continues with Los Confites, bites with a bouncing but lo fi sub bass line creating swing as more heavily processed, analogue drum beats and snapping 4x4 house aesthetics mix with minimal techno groove and drive, before more bleeping melodies arise during the breakdown; serious foot twitching, heads down groove awaits with this one. Finally, bringing this zesty EP to a close is Mivi, the most subtle track of the trio. A steady, mid tempo beat fraternises with deep house organics, blossoming in tuneful harmonic melody while more top-line hooks - slightly eschewed and falling late of the beat - create more swing and in it’s dynamic approach to the dancefloor. Alexis and Barem finish the year off in great style as they embark on a FUN tour across Argentina and Uruguay
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