A Sagittariun




Elastic Dreams / E-DREAMSCD001

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1. sundial
2. crystallization feat. skip mcdonald
3. v4641 sgr
4. conquering lions
5. seven locks (in dub)
6. the south node
7. trine
8. the age of sin
9. year of the ox
10. the mind has no time
11. a lucid dream (original dream)
12. network restoration

The shadowy UK techno artist, A Sagittariun, releases his debut album this November, to coincide with the Sagittarius zodiac period.

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“Dream Ritual” comes off the back of a steady stream of well received EPs from ‘The Archer’ on his own Elastic Dreams label, releases that have captured the imaginations of the electronic community for their depth and diversity, where old techno breaks collide with Detroit techno aesthetics, ambient dub sits alongside industrially charged electro, and many more sound palettes inbetween. A 2012 Resident Advisor podcast perfectly encapsulated the A Sagittariun mood, and the uninitiated should definitely check this out. “Dream Ritual” continues this journey through moods and tempos, each track sprinkled with this stargazing quality. Opening track “Sundial” sets the tone, the percussive elements teasing in and out of a melodious, thick analogue cloud. “Crystallization” sees A Sagittariun collaborate with veteran guitarist Skip McDonald (Sugarhill Gang/Tackhead/On-U Sound), whos guitar licks have graced Sugarhill classics like “The Message” and “White Lines", as well as working with the likes of James Brown, Afrika Bambaataa, George Clinton and more…The sprawling dub tinged piece evokes shades of Boards Of Canada, spacey guitar licks meet downtown with A Sagittariun’s take on ambient dub… The album weaves its way through a heady mix of sounds, be it the old skool breakbeats of “Conquering Lions” and “A Lucid Dream", the driving classic techno sounds of “V4641 Sgr", “The South Node” and “Network Restoration", industrial slabs of dub funk on “The Age Of Sin” and “Seven Locks (In Dub)”
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