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Lukas Simmer


Lukas Simmer Has A Solid Grounding In The World Of Composing And Producing Music. Is Making His Debut Here On Jesus Was ...
technonews Minimal | Techhouse

06.07.2015 GER 12" Vinyl

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Jesus Was Black / JWB010

Label: jesus-was-black

A1: Imperfections
A2: Nima Gorji Remix
B1: Clown Mask
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Lukas Simmer


Lukas Simmer Is A Prestigious Name On The Underground House/techno Scene. Making His Debut Here On Wrong State Recording ...
technonews Techhouse | Techno | Minimal

29.06.2015 GER 12" Vinyl

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Wrong State Recordings / WS013

Label: wrong-state-recordings

A1: Fracking
A2: Secret Marriage
B1: Front Row
B2: No One Knows
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Lukas Simmer


Quality Alert: Michael Melchner & Alejandro Vivanco!!!
Welcome The New Kid On The Block. The Spanish Lukas Simmer I ...
technonews Minimal | Techhouse

18.05.2015 GER 12" Vinyl

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Label: bla-bla

A1: The Sheikh (Orig
A2: The Sheikh (Mich
B1: Crystalized (Ori
B2: Crystalized (Ale
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Pablo Inzunza


Chilean Tempura Records And Aires Music Owner Pablo Inzunza Arrives On Jwb With A Quality Ep Following Releases On Highg ...
technonews Techno | Techhouse

20.04.2017 GER 12" Vinyl

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Jesus Was Black / JWB019

Label: jesus-was-black

A1: Una Sombra
A2: Una Sombra (Luka
B1: Una Sombra (Aldo
B2: Luminia
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