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Seafoam Is Back And Will Stay With Us For A Little While. After The Revelation Of His Latest Productions. -lost Tape 98 ...
housenews House

28.06.2017 GER 12" Vinyl

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Rue De Plaisance Re Issue / R2PRI002

Label: rue-de-plaisance

A1: Droid Funk
B1: Whats Trippin
B2: Drones
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After Months Of Work. It Is With A Real Pleasure That We Present To You Our New Release By Seafoam. American Artist. A M ...
housenews Deep House | House

20.04.2017 GER 12" Vinyl

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Rue De Plaisance / R2P024

Label: rue-de-plaisance

A1: Confusion Camouf
A2: Moma
B1: The pop zone
B2: Ships Ghost
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Various Artists


The Berlin Collective Take Things To The Next Level Here. A Double Lp Of Outstanding Deep Electronic Music Featuring Sea ...
housenews Deep House | House

18.05.2016 GER 2x12" Vinyl

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Slow Life / SL006

Label: slow-life

A1: Mick Welsh - Ser
A2: Luis Malon - Goo
B1: S.Moreira - Clea
B2: Seafoam - Raz
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