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Sabb ft. Rafa Barrios

Sabb Is Back On Noir Music With An Ethnic Tech House Tune Destined To Cause Some Serious Heat Over The Rest Of The Summe ...
technonews Techhouse

26.04.2016 GER 12" Vinyl

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Noir Music / NMB050

Label: noir-music

A1: Original Mix
B1: Dub Mix
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My Favourite Freaks Music


Concept Is The New Baby Established By The Already International Well Known Artist Agency My Favourite Freaks. Which Con ...
technonews Techhouse | House

23.06.2016 GER 12" Vinyl

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My Favourite Freaks Music / MFF004

Label: my-favorite-freaks-music

A1: Rhadow - Belong
A2: Arjun Vagale - P
B1: Ramiro Lopez - P
B2: Rafa Barrios - H
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Various Artists mixed by Sandy Rivera


For The Next Instalment In Their Jet-setting Mix Series. Nikki Beach Head To The Island Of Koh Samui With A Double Disc ...
cds House

22.11.2013 GER 2x cd

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In The House / NBITH06CD

Label: defected

Chasing Kurt - From
Rachel Row - Follow
LOVERDOSE - Alkapone
Sabb featuring Rafa
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