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Fourth Release On Nitsa’s Label Is A Very Special One. Dj Fra And Shelby Grey. Two Of The Residents Of The Legendary Clu ...
technonews Techno | Acid

06.04.2018 GER 12" Vinyl

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Nitsa Traxx / NT004

Label: nolabel

A1: Death Proof
B1: Death Proof (El_
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Sau Poler


The Third Installment From Barcelona’s Nitsa Club Record Label Digs Into Uncharted Territories. If The First Release Was ...
technonews Techhouse | Techno

02.03.2018 GER 12" Vinyl

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Nitsa Traxx / NT003

Label: nitsa-traxx

A1: Orchestron
B1: Orchestron
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Ferenc vs. Eduardo de la Calle


Just A Few Months After Its First Release. Nitsa Traxx Comes Back With A Very Special 12”. The Project Started With A Fi ...
technonews Techno | Neotrance

13.10.2017 GER 12" Vinyl

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Nitsa Traxx / NT002

Label: nitsa-traxx

A1: Paron Largo
B1: Cloaking Tech D
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Daniel Kyo


Legendary Nitsa Club From Barcelona Comes Back Releasing New Music Fifteen Years After Their First Venture With Nitsa Re ...
technonews Techno | Techhouse | Minimal

21.07.2017 GER 12" Vinyl

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Nitsa Traxx / NT001

Label: nitsa-traxx

A: Nacht Drei
B: Nacht Drei (Marc
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