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Les Sans Pattes

Cd Included In The Vinyl Has The Same Tracklist. A Relentless Vinyl Collector And A Fervent Connoisseur Of Anglo-america ...
moregenresnews Electro | Pop | Rock

27.03.2017 GER 2x12" Vinyl lp+cd

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Because Music / BEC5156777

Label: because-music
also available as:

A1: Notre Renaissanc
A2: Un amour a la Se
A3: Sans bruit et sa
A4: Kalekoukou. sole
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Les Sans Pattes

Les Sans Pattes Is The Rock Band Of Robert Combas (world Renowned Contemporary Painter And Creator Of The Free Figuratio ...
cds Rock | Electro | Experimental

29.08.2016 GER cd+dvd

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Because Music / BEC5156573

Label: because-music

En Ressenti
Ta Peau (feat Gael M
Animal. Cuir Noir
Une Fin De Quelque C
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