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Donna Trump


Donna Is Back Again!!! Acid, Breakbeats, Vintage Drum Machines And Og Warehouse Rave Vibes! Those Who Know, Will Know.
technonews Techno | Acid | Electro | Vinyl Only

29.08.2018 GER 12" Vinyl

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Donna Trump / 5R5LYFCKD15C065

Label: donna-trump

A1: Rodrax
A2: Storm
A3: Chevrolet Guevar
B1: Dale K.
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Donna Trump


Six Action-packed Oldschool Jams With All The Vintage Machines You Need In Your Life.
technonews Techno | Acid | Detroit | Vinyl Only

22.11.2016 GER 12" Vinyl

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Donna Trump / USA666

Label: donna-trump

A1: Bleepbomb
A2: In It 2 Linn It
A3: 303 Apprentice
B1: Break The Silenc
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Method Man


1998 Classic Album Feat Streetlife, Redman, Chris Rock, Left Eye, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, D Angelo And Many More
blacknews Hip-hop

20.05.2008 GER 2x12" Vinyl

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Def Jam / 314566517

Label: defjam

judgement day
perfect world
cradle rock feat lef
dangerous feat stree
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