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D.dan Returns To The Lobster Family Bringing That Signature Planet-slaying Depth-charged Techno Alongside Some Lighter T ...
technonews Techno | Detroit | Deep House | House

23.06.2017 GER 12" Vinyl

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Moerk / MOERK015

Label: moerk

A1: If Ya Nameís Not
A2: Danís Dilemma
B1: Final Dantasy
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Straight Outta Seattle Via Snowy Berlin. The Thunderous. Terror-wave Modular Techno Of D.dan Is Beset Upon The World At ...
technonews Techno | Acid

27.01.2017 GER 12" Vinyl

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Lobster Theremin / LTBLK009

Label: lobster-theremin

A1: Dananas
A2: The Danger Zone
B1: Danarchy In The
B2: The Danpire Stri
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Techno Is The Devilís Music Launches With A Slamming Debut From North American Bad Man D.dan. Storming. Rapid-fire 90 S ...
technonews Techno

26.09.2016 GER 12" Vinyl

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Techno Is The Devils Music / TITDM01

Label: nolabel

A1: Pink Danther
B1: Jackie Dan
B2: Ranold The McDon
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