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1. rebekah - static motion (original mix)
2. miss sunshine - drifter (original mix)
3. redhead - acid vision (original mix)
4. tom dazing - bulge (original mix)

Early support from Kr!z. Seventh Season Vinyl Compilation with exclusive tracks by Rebekah, Miss Sunshine, Tom Dazing and Redhead.

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It's been seven years since Edward Molton and Svemirski started Coincidence. Seven years of bringing quality Techno from unknown artists, from a tiny spot near Bruges in belgium, where nothing even remotely resembling a scene is present. But Coincidence is still around and to celebrate that, we figured we'd do a mix CD. And who could do this better than our very own Miss Sunshine...

Included in that mix there are four previously unreleased and exclusive tracks from artists that have always been with us in one way or another. These tracks will only be available on Vinyl and will be released on a limited 250 copies mini-compilation.

The A side is reserved for our girls Rebekah and Miss Sunshine: Rebekah delivers 'Static Motion', a signature hard hitting ultra dry hard techno tune that is constantly balancing on the edge between erupting into a techno stomper and keeping the anger bottled inside. Miss Sunshine's track 'Drifter' on the other hand is a brutal, yet brilliantly made techno track. On the edge of distortion and loudness, but keeping it all in check. A testament of how far our dear friend has come over the years and on the brink of breaking through to the higher levels of Techno.

The B side features a resident of the label and a newcomer (although an accomplished artist before long): Tom Dazing breaks the self-imposed silent period with 'Bulge', a brilliantly crafter techno meets acid track that builds from idea to idea without losing the thread in its own story book. Redhead on the other hand chose to do something out of his comfort zone and came up with 'Acid Vision', a straigh to the point Acid track that has been getting all the dancefloors in belgium in a frenzy and has stired such a buzz that we have a funny feeling this could be one of the most anticipated tracks we ever released.

As usual, Dimitri Andreas has mastered all the tunes to perfection.

We hope you will like the tracks and you'll be with us for the next few years when we bring you more Techno from the Flemish Fields.

early suuport from

Dj Kr!z (Token, KozzMozz): "miss sunshine track is my fav. will play."
alexi delano: "Drifter!!"
Angel Molina: "Tom Dazing is my artist on this release, thanks!"
Ben Long (Space Djz): "sweet package"
Daniel Sanchez (Remote Area, 100% Pure, NL): "awesome!!!"
Jamie Anderson: "Nice compilation! All tracks slammin :)"
Jeroen Search: "cool stuff in here!! all four are cool!"
Orde Meikle (SLAM): "super trax - strong release"
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