002 (VINYL ONLY / 180G)
002 (VINYL ONLY / 180G)


SoulPhiction, Daniel Stefanik, Freund der Familie, Doyeq


002 (VINYL ONLY / 180G)

Studio R

12inch full cover 180 gramm shrinked
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1. a1: soulphiction - temptations
2. a2: daniel stefanik - studio r
3. b1: freund der familie - kantine
4. b2: doyeq - night park

Vinyl Only. 180 Gramm. Following on the success of our first Studio r release, the imprint returns for the second time with the same concept: a documentation of friends making important contributions to contemporary culture. On the next go around, we focus more on known talent to deliver a balanced, powerful blend of modern club music. As summer makes way for the annual rebirth through fall and winter, Studio r s second compilation illuminates the mood of the seasons long dark nights, tailor-made for dancing. Mastering by Stefan Betke (Scape Mastering)

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12inch Full Cover 180 gramm shrinked
Dub Techno
Dub House
Vinyl Only
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The storied veteran Soulphiction leads off for us, and he brings his sophisticated house sound to bear in a jazzy, funky, delicately swung track overlain with dusky, sultry French vocals. Daniel Stefanik follows with another elegant use of echoed vocals, this time a dub framework with much of the percussion also following them into the echo chamber as the track slowly builds into fuller house in its second half. German duo and label heads Freund der Familie continue the atmospheric pass with slow-burning dub techno
defined by the scratchy, granulated effects treatment of the lead pads. Last is Russian duo Doyeq, the least known of the talents here, who deliver the most experimental of the efforts. They spend long minutes in nearly ambient sections with only the bassline anchoring the groove before stepping forwards into a fuller, darker house groove with haunting vocals controlling the mood.
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