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1. out to lunch
2. my first yogurt
3. day & night
4. storm stalker

After a very brief lull in activity over the latter part of the summer, we re very excited to be back up and running and present a fantastic new collection of songs from one of our favorite producers, the esteemed Russ Gabriel. Having long been a pioneering producer, DJ and live act as well as a hugely respected studio producer, Russ has returned to the Dieb Audio fold and graced us with 4 exceptional new works.
The >Knossos< EP, as the collection is known, showcases a diverse palette on Russ part, ranging from visceral, heads-down dancefloor material, to intelligent, emotive house productions, in a polished, thorough manner, that defines his work. Fans of his sound will instantly grasp his simple, effortless style of fusing together elements and creating classy, functional arrangements. One thing is always guaranteed and delivered with Russ: quality.

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Dave DK: my first yoghurt for me, super!

Laurent Garnier: Russ's music as stunning as ever --FULL SUPPORT FROM ME

Steve Bug: great deepness in all of the tunes. out to lunch is the one for me. thanks

Josh Wink: Been a fans of Russ's production for YEARS! Like Storm Stalker the best on this release.

Stephan Bodzin: Out To Lunch (Original Mix) 10/10

Mihalis Safras: nice, Day And Night

Brothers Vibe: Strong release - Tks! Day And Night 10/10

Claude Von Stroke: Thanks! Out To Lunch

Tom Novy: Good stuff! Out To Lunch

Sasse: oh love this, nice detroit & early warp vibes there - russ delivers once again - full support ! Hard to choose a favorite though, might be "my first yogurt" - lovely tune and name rakws too

Terry Francis (Fabric): nice vibie teckno

Guy J: "Out to lunch" for me, thnx good luck


Technasia: Very nice EP from Russ Gabriel. All tracks are good. Support.

Shlomi Aber: nice ep

Anthony Pappa: I like this. The best track for me is "Out To Lunch" and l will play this out. Thanks. Pappa.

C-Rock (Motorcitysoul / Cocoon): hard to pick a favourite here... day and night and out to lunch are pretty strong however the rest is great and quality, too

Wally Lopez: very nice tunes..

Neil Quigley: Very nice EP, love 'Out To Lunch'

D.Diggler: Russ brings the spirit back. Full Points !

Scope: lovely deep house grooves from mr gabriel as usual.. will be playing for sure!

Marko Nastic: great1 tnx alot! Day And Night

Florian Meindl: nice melodies, Out To Lunch 8/10

Kev Obrien (365 / DataTransmission): My First Yogurt and Out to Lunch... very very nice from Mr Gabriel! Will be using!

Nacho Marco: Yes ! Love it. Storm Stalker

Dave Seaman: Out To Lunch is great - liking Storm sralker too

Harada: torm Stalker is great.

Dyno (Hell Yeah): Storm Stalker For Me..Support!!

Dirt Crew: nice one! full support

Timo Garcia: they all sound great thanks mate will download and check them out some more in a bit

Anderson Noise: My First Yogurt 10/10

Ivan Smagghe: he is a true underrated legend...

Orde Meikle (Slam): great label - cool producer - like them all - will play

Chris Fortier: the right amount of everything

Michel De Hey: played hiss records 10 years ago and will play them 10 years from now;)

Deepchild (Get Physical)Day And Night is quite nice...

Nils Nurnberg (8bit): 'Out to Lunch' is AWESOME! In my next sets for sure! Great release! THX for sending this. Cheers
(added: 2010-11-17 11:24:31 )
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