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1. the jazzer
2. russ gabriel remix - the jazzer
3. slight return
4. matthias vogt remix - slight return

Adryan delivers 2 tracks of glossy, polished beats and melodies that are characteristic of his sound, fusing funky beats and shimmering chord stabs with cool, swishing rides and hooky, cool jazz basslines.

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Many will know of his work through his excellent project Lemon Popsicle, but here he brings his inimitable and unique form of modern, jazz infused house in his own, solo capacity.

The EP in question is the "Jazzer's Slight Return EP" and in it, Adryan delivers 2 tracks of glossy, polished beats and melodies that are characteristic of his sound, fusing funky beats and shimmering chord stabs with cool, swishing rides and hooky, cool jazz basslines.

On the remix front we welcome back our new cohort, Russ Gabriel who has produced an outstanding, melodic re-interpretation utilizing "The Jazzer's" most promiment melodies and hooks and working them through an epic, yet tasteful and balanced melodic journey of an arrangement.

Adding extra gravitas to an already big package, Motorcitysoul's Mathias Vogt makes his dieb debut and he effortlessly demonstrates why he and his outfit have become such hot production property. Stripping down the original, his remix of "Slight Return" is a restrained, minimal house treat featuring some very haunting chordal work arranged around a repetitive, rhythm arrangement that builds discretely, yet highly effectively!

(added: 2010-01-22 08:10:30 )
Samuel L Session: everything here has something, quality music

Paul Woolford: Wow - this is a fantastic package. A joy to behold quality like this after wading through so much functional music with no real soul. The original has some real beauty, and Russ Gabriel, whom I've been a fan of since buying a Ferox double pack with my first introduction to Moodyman on (and many other bombs - Derrick Carter's "Venus Flytrap" remix ) - well, Russ just destroys it completely. I am currently compiling a double CD for Renaissance in the UK and I would love to use Russ's remix so can you please email me at to organise? There. You've blown me away.

Nick Warren: nice remix from Matthias

Laurent Garnier: this is a great release ...Original mix as well as russ's mix Looove this very much Will play a lot Scope: lovely stuff across all 4 mixes.. too hard to pick a fav as they
are all dope!!

Hernan Cattaneo: russ & matthias mixes are very good

Brothers Vibe: Russ Gabriel's mix is choice :)

Matthew Hoag: More aftherhour music but i like it alot, my fav its Slight wturn Matthias Vogt version. Peace

Phonogenic (Mood Music / Fresh Meat): good shit here. love the double bass on the jazzer. really like russ' classic techno take as well.

Orde Meikle (Slam): very nice - weird and wonderful

Jimpster: love the sound of the Russ Gabriel mix! killer stuff. will be trying it out.

Chris Fortier: russ gabriel mix you can feel the warmth coming from the speakers.

Misstress Barbara: Great deep tracks. won't work in my sets though..

Alexander Maier (Mood Music / Buzzin Fly): superb release. really into russ gabries edit. let's get emotional and cry together! full support!

peeDoo (Hell Yeah): ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss!

Oliver Klein: Russ Gabriel mix is my favorite!!! Cool mix!

Sven Joger (Raveline): Great Chords and perfekt drumming on Slight Return!!!! Support Sven Jaeger

Ramon Tapia: Russ gabriel remix is huge !!

Elmar Schubert: I've always been a big Russ Gabriel fan and he doesn't disappoint with this remix.

Satoshi Tomiie: The Jazzer - Russ Gabriel Remix

Darko Esser: Really strong release! I am really into The Jazzer original
and Russ Gabriel remix!

Florian Meindl: original and remix are cool

Nacho Marco: Yes ! Amazing release, specially the Russ Gabriel rmx.

Sandrino (Lemon Popsicle): Absolutely AMAZING EP From my Bro & Partner Adryan. Really in love with The Jazzer since the first time i listened to. The Remixes are great too, both with an unique vibe...LOVE THIS EP

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(added: 2010-01-22 08:10:51 )
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