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1. narita express
2. returning home
3. push it along

We are delighted to welcome the mighty Russ Gabriel to ever expanding Dieb family and have him contribute this excellent 3 track EP to our catalogue. Fans of Russ sound as well as the uninitiated will not be disappointed here as there is a very wide stylistic audio palette on display here-yet still retaining Russ quintessential production aesthetic and quality.
Ranging from the epic, old school >Returning Home< with its haunting pad and melodious bass arpeggios to the stripped back chugging tech house workout of >Push it Along< and the futuristic, techno-infused >Narita Express< with its modulating stabs and catchy, repetitive bassline it is easy to see why Russ is and has always been considered a unique and exciting music visionary equally capable of creating harmonic, atmospheric soundscapes or high energy, functional beats aimed squarely at the dancefloor.
Whatever your preference, this package is sure to satisfy even the most discerning ear or demanding club crowd! Enjoy!

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Josh Wink: really nice ep from Russ! Been a fan for a LONG TIME! Like the deepness of Returning home and Narita Express. Look forward to playing it
Steve Bug: push it along is the one for me. will play! narita express is also nice!
Samuel L Session: quality detroit house! i like!
Ivan Smagghe: what an underrated producer he is... hope this will finally change...
James Zabiela: Really nice stuff, thank you. Jz :)
Chris Fortier: returning home is great
Nick Warren: old school new school, whatever ! it's fantastic
Damian Lazarus: welcome back russ!
Danny Howells: Always fabulousness from Russ ... amazing as always!!!
Jim Rivers: these are really good...stood out in a pile of dull promos! thankyou. like all of them so will see what works best
Guy J: nice one , returning home is my choice , thnx , good luck
Laurent Garnier: Good ep. Will play for sure
John Selway: definitely my musical techno and deep tech house cup of tea
Sascha Funke: i really like returning home
Hernan Cattaneo: very good!
Elmar Schubert: Nice old school-ish sounding atmospheric tracks, very warm and a blessing in these days of digital harshness.
Brothers Vibe: Narita track works for me... :)
Phonogenic (Mood Music / Fresh Meat): I really like "Returning Home". Really classy piece of deepness right there.
DJ Hell: all tracks are good ! nice stuff !!
Cristian Varela: great athmosphere
Nils Nurnberg (8bit / Dieb Audio): Yay... 'Pushing It Along' goes straight into my playlist!
Scope: narita express is nice
Aldrin: 3 solid cuts of tech deepness! Love them.
Gil (The Youngsters): So Hard to make a choice... both tracks are simply fantastic...Detroit is back... many thank's ... GIL @ THE YOUNGSTERS...!!!
Paul Mac: Always good to hear music from Russ quality stuff as always will be playing Returning Home for sure.
Grindvik: sweet one! thanks
Gabriel Ananda: Returning home is great. don´t know if it bombs all the clubs but i really like it.
Fiord (Sprout / Flow): very nice thanku ;)
Deepchild (Get Physical / Dieb Audio): Nice deep, proggy, detroity-stuff...
H. O. S. H.: quality as always from russ gabriel. not sure yet which will
suit me best. thanx
Shlomi Aber: push it along is cool
Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul): amazing tracks! deeeeeeep! love russ' stuff anyway for a long long time...
Desyn Masiello: i really like this guys sound and ideas. always looking out for his work
Florian Kruse (Dieb Audio / Urban Torque / Om Records): Love all tunes here! nice intro of 'Returning Home' love the melodies!
Dave Seaman: good stuff
Timo Maas: good stuff
Jamie Stevens (Infusion): Classic, solid techno, just the way we like it!
Wally Lopez: Excellent deep track from one of the masters of the
Nacho Marco: Liking the whole ep, Russ rocks !
Sven Joger (Raveline): Love the rusty organ melo of push it along, monster! support Sven Jaeger
Frank (Partysan Germany): nice tunes... deep but cool!
Ludovic Rambaud: narita express is so deep and intimate !!! love this mood
Anthony Pappa: All 3 tracks are really good. My favourite is "Returning Home" and "Narita Express" and l will play these out. Thanks. Pappa.
Sasse: All tracks equally strong, full support & play - well done Russ & Dieb Audio !
Sandrino (Lemon Popsicle): Nice pack here...very versatile. my fave is Returning Home...
Patch Park: Great laid back vibe! Nice 3-track package!
Orde Meikle (Slam): great artist - great tunes - excellent
Florian Meindl: push it along & narita express are really nice!
Perc: Push It Along is a great tune and Russ is a legend.
Dirt Crew: returning home is my fave
Martin Landsky: again a release that shows why i am a big fan of russ´sound since ever...excellent three tracks...will play all....
(added: 2010-01-13 12:36:01 )
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