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1. suerte (alexander maiers lucky cat remix)
2. suerte (original)
3. achieving balance (io remix)
4. achieving balance (original)

It was only a short time ago when these 2 young up and comers made their respective debuts on our label and in the few months between then and now, they have gone on to skyrocket up through the ranks, conquering dancefloors, charts and DJ crates-while becoming household names synonymous with quality and consistency.
Florian Kruse and Nils Nürnberg need very little introduction these days but for those that have been asleep or living under a rock, a good start would be to check their recent output on fine labels such as NRK, OM, Moodmusic, Dessous and our very own Dieb, to name a very select few. Their first combined effort on the label has resulted in the >Suerte EP<, a tight collection of deep as hell, tech infused house numbers heavily characterized by their attention to groove and addictive, seductive chord progressions that have become a hallmark of their production prowess.
To add some spice to an already sterling and stylized package, we have enlisted our good friend (and also Mood Music alumnus) Alexander Maier, to remix the titular >Suerte< where he adds his considerable musical vocabulary to the proceedings, peppering a very tasty arrangement with piano chord stabs and throbbing basslines resulting in a gorgeous, summery house re-interpretation that has to be heard to be believed!
As if this werent enough, fresh from an impressive debut on Nils and Florians Save Room Records we have been lucky enough to secure a percussion led, funk infused remix of >Achieving Balance< from bright new boys on the block IO who round things off nicely and add another dimension to the >Suerte EP<.

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Orde Meikle (Slam): cool electronica - cool remixes - strong package
Sandrino (Lemon Popsicle): yooo,and the quality of Dieb continues. Love the maintrack here and the groovey interpretation of buddy Alexander Maier is amazing. Really hard to pick a fave. Friends and Enemies is great as well...Deep, deeper, "Kruse & Nuernberg"
Sasse: All the tracks are good, my pick of the day is Archieving Balance from Florian & Nils, ace production, me likey ! Also Alex Maiers mix goes into my box of Balearic Techno goodies, thanks for another killer release !
Scope: Florian, Nils, iO on the same release = AWESOME!!
Aldrin: Wow! Fantastic package! Originals are great and Alexander & iO both did a good job on the reworks.
Nick Warren: original rocks, pure class from the boys as usual
Misstress Barbara: Original mix of Suerte is the one for me
Deepchild (Get Physical / Dieb Audio): smooth, silky chuggers...
Alan Fitzpatrick (8 Side Dice): I like Suerte, the original mix best!
Phonogenic (Mood Music / Fresh Meat): i like original suerte the best.
Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul): quality stuff. suerte original is m fave!
Jose (Ibiza Global Radio): Fantastic music!!! Really good for airplay on Ibiza Global Radio.
Hernan Cattaneo: been a big fan of suerte original remix sounds very nice IO mix of achieving is really cool too
Dave Seaman: both mixes of suerte are nice
John Selway: iO remix is strong
Mark Knight: IN THE SHOW ITS ROUGH!!!!!! Suerte - Alexander Maiers Remix
Gel Abril: very cool release warm deep sounds alexander mix for me tnx.
Pig and Dan: Very nice chilled vibes
Anthony Pappa: All of tracks are pretty good. My favourite is "Achieving Balance (iO Remix)" and l will play this out. Thanks. Pappa.
Jim Masters: suerte & acheiving balance straight in the box, nice ep , nice ep definitely useful
Ciro Vesuviano: Every track here is unique, great production support in my next sets. Thanks”
Wally Lopez: Nice release house and deep house it.will play
Tom Wax (YOU FM): Like the iO Remix! Support!
Fiord (Sprout / Flow): flippin slick release
Jamie Stevens (Infusion): Nice n smooth. Alexander Malers mix being my fave.
Jim Rivers: love what these guys are doing on there various prjects at the th eoriginal mixes on Suerte and Achieving Balance. Also ace IO mix too
Frank (Partysan Germany): deep & groove. nice one!
Ivan Smagghe: suerte for me... nice deep techno...
Anja Scheinder (Mobilee): really nice package . Will play !
Elmar Schubert: I wouldn't expect anything but pure quality from Kruse & Nürnberg and of course they don't disappoint with this release. My favourite is Achieving Balance, both mixes.
Stephan Bodzin: will play suerte original! :-)
Nacho Marco: Good luck with this release ! Full support.
Brothers Vibe: Achieving Balance (Original Mix) does it for me... Great trax and remixes as well : ) Nice project...
Marco Bailey: I love Suerte ! will play it sure !
Guy J: liking Suerte , thnx , good luck !
D Ramirez: Nice and deep and trippy - love the rolling bassline on the original mix of Suerte.
Tiger Stripes: Love the iO remix. Will def play.
Christian Smith: i really like achieving the balance (original). the remix is also very good and useful. the iO mix is a good tool for building the sets.
Tocadisco: love it!
Einmusik: I think all originals of kruse and nurnberg are the best! thanks!
Technasia: achieving balance is my fav
Djuma Soundsystem (Get Physical): What a beautiful release! So many nice ones! I'm a sucker for everything with that ska lifty feeling, so this is right up my alley! I like both the Suerte org + remix, and the iO remix a lot!
Filthy Rich (Spektre): Some great slices of deep house here....loving the iO remix!
Timo Maas: nice track Suerte - Original Mix
(added: 2009-10-23 12:25:01 )
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